Copy of The Authors


Roger Rhyner & Patrick Mettler

   All good ideas are born unexpectedly. One day Roger, the author of the book, drove past cowshed where goats lived. The smell of animals turned out to be so strong that our author then had to ventilate his car for a very long time. That is when he first thought of ​​writing the book "The Stinking Billy Goat". Patrick Mettler painted bright colorful illustrations for it. By the way, the name of Charlie was not chosen by chance, that is the name of the son Roger’s son to whom the book is dedicated.After the great success of the first book, Roger and Patriсk released number of other stories about Charlie: “The Adventures of Charlie the Goat”, “Charlie the Goat travels the world”, “Charlie the Goat celebrates Christmas”, “Charlie the Goat is looking for medicinal herbs”, “Charlie the Goat in the Swiss Alps”.