What is the recommended age?
 We recommend books for ages 2 to 99 years.  Yes, we mean it.  Adults are charmed by this book no less than their kids. As well as your toddler, you will actively research the book using non-conventional methods of  "reading" which include almost the whole set of senses given to humans. 
How safe are the fragrant varnishes used in the books?
 In the production process, we use only certified and safe aromatic German varnishes. Those are one of the most expensive fragrance varnishes on the market for printed materials. The book is safe for our young readers. Moreover, when you wash your hands you get in contact with a much greater number of substances than when reading fragrant books. There were over 100 thousand copies sold in Switzerland only, and even more in Russia. There have been no complaints about adverse reactions to the books' aromas.
How long does the smell last on the pages?
 The entire surface of the page is covered with aromatic varnish. Books are in large landscape format. Aromatic varnish consists of capsules filled with aromatic oil. With friction, the capsules break down and you get the scent. If you rub for a long time in the same place on the page, then the aroma weakens. With careful handling fragrances will last for a very long time. Scents differ in their intensity. Some are more saturated, while others are light and airy. Therefore, for example, a page with spicy lavender will smell longer than a page with a ripe apple.
My child does not like to read. Will your book help us?
The books will undoubtedly surprise and amuse your children! We receive daily positive feedback from customers. Of course, giving children a good example and spending your own time reading to them will work in most cases. Our product is  an excellent assistant in exploring the magical and endless world of reading.