My story


Kia Ora everyone!


 My name is Daria. I am a publisher and distributor of the book "The Stinking Billy Goat"  in New Zealand and Australia.

My first experience with this lovely book happened in Russia when I purchased it for my little daughter when we went for a holiday to see a family. I was blown away by intensity and quality of aromas presented there. I was also surprised that while book had German, Russian, Italian versions there was no English version available. When arrived back to  New Zealand I have decided that it would be a great idea to introduce this beautiful unique book for little Kiwis.


 The author of the book, Roger, was happy for us to do it and gave us the license. Then we have found a great local translator Melanie and with a help of other amazing  people including family and primary school teachers, it was translated and ready to be printed in Germany on a special printer. The printer is one of a kind, it has the safest and most expensive inks with aromatic capsules. The first batch of books arrived in 2020. It's how it all began.


Thank you , Daria.